Here is the entry for the A letteral in the US SignPuddle

Using the hint Steve provided me, I find the handshape for that
symbol on this page, showing "thumb side diagonal":

I've been taught that the A letteral is actually this BaseSymbol,
the "thumb side unit":

I'm *inclined* to think that this is a data-entry error in
SignPuddle, and a subtly different symbol was entered for the A
letteral than what it actually is.  (An easy mistake to make without
the hand shape photos as a reference.)

But is it that I'm seeing acceptable variation in how the A letteral
is signed?

What is the conflict resolution mechanism when this occurs in
SignPuddle?  Should I enter what I believe to be the A letteral as a
separate entry?  Should the existing entry be fixed?  Should I ignore
what the dictionary says and use my own interpretation in my own

Will someone give me some guidance here on either my assumptions
about this being an error or what, if anything, I should do?

.i ma'a lo bradi cu penmi gi'e du