I am looking up the symbol "bottle" in SignPuddle using the "Search
by Words" feature.  I find there are several signs registered for
that word, but none of them exactly fit what I expected[1][2].

I would like to use SignMaker to customize one of these symbols
before exporting the ksw code.

How besh should I accomplish this?  I can retrieve the ksw code,
but I can't figure out how to tell signmaker.php to start with a
ksw code when editing the sign.  Should I approach this another way?

Thank you!


1: I cross-reference the data in SignPuddle with the "American Sign
   Language Dictionary" and it covers a different region of the US
   than the data in SignPuddle does, so there is minor variation in
   the signs.
2: I sometimes also find data entered into SignPuddle that uses
   slightly wrong hand symbols: mistaking a front-facing
   wall-parallel hand with a back-facing wall-parallel hand, by
   way of a made-up example.
.i ma'a lo bradi cu penmi gi'e du