In SWIS version 1, I was using the program column.php to display a
single image that contained more than one bsw code[1].  When I take
this concatenated bsw3 code and convert it to a ksw code, I do get
a result, but the resulting code does not display well using
glyphogram.php[2].  the two signs are displayed over the top of each

In my copy of swis2, I don't have a column.php.  I do have a
columns.php, but it looks a bit suspicious.  (Like debugging code)
Trying to run it naively[3], I get the following error:

  Fatal error: Call to undefined function bswinfo() in /home/sworg3x/public_html/signbank/sp16/columns.php on line 56

I don't see a bswinfo defined anywhere but this file.  Alas, it
doesn't look like this file was ported to use ksw codes.

I need the ability to take two (or more) ksw codes and stack them in
a column in such a way that I wind up with a single image which is a
render of all of the codes.  I compose individual ksw codes into
images, but combine those codes programatically.

I was doing this with SWIS1.  What is the best way to accomplish this
using SWIS2?

Thank you so much!




.i ma'a lo bradi cu penmi gi'e du