Hi Alan,

On 9/20/11 12:35 AM, Alan Post wrote:
> My target document is pdf, and I use TeX and LaTeX as my typesetting
> system.  That system works exclusively with Encapsulated Postscript,
> (eps), which like SVG is a vector graphics format.
It sounds like I should add a font in EPS format...

> ImageMagick, which IIRC is used by SWIS,
Yes, SWIS uses ImageMagick for the PNG images, but it uses plain text 
processing for SVG.

> Another problem I run into is that I fit each SVG image into a box in
> my document.  Some symbols are wider than they are tall, some
> symbols are taller than they are wide.  To get consistent formatting
> results, I store a flag in my database saying whether the image is
> portrait or landscape, and render it appropriately so everything
> looks nice in the document.[1]
Each SVG image has a specific width and height that is explicitly 
defined in the text file. It looks like EPS should state the bounding 
box for the specific size.  Instead of accessing the database, could you 
scrape the file to get this information?  Each box you allocate would be 
based on the individual symbol size times some multiplier for size.

I'm familiar with TeX and LaTeX, but never used them for an actual project.