Hi Steve, Val and everyone,


     I clicked on the Québec flag.  I clicked on Literature SignPuddle.  I typed “création des termes sourdien et sourdienne”.  I misspelled the SOURDIEN sign on the first column and the third row because I forgot to use a mirror button from the right hand to the left hand.  I clicked on SignText Editor.  I cannot see any symbols on the column.  I cannot edit it.  Also, the Customize Sign in SVG is all black.


Here are the instructions to follow:

1)  Use Windows XP

2)  Click on Control Panel

3)   Click on Accessibility Options

4)    Click on Display

5)    Click on Use High Contrast in the box

6)   Notice the black background and the white text

7)   Use SignPuddle

8)   Click on the Québec flag

9)   Click on Literature SignPuddle

10) Click on Search by word

11) Type “création des termes sourdien et sourdienne”

12) See the first column (white background and black signtexts)

13) Click on SignText Editor

14) Do you see any symbols in the first column?





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Subject: Customize Individual signs in SVG

Hi List,

I have improved the Customize Sign page.  You can now use the SVG fonts to customize individual signs. Every sign entry has a customize sign button.

Here is an example for "hello" in ASL.

If you increase the Sign Size to 5 and use the "PNG Standard", you will notice a lot of jagged edges.

If you choose the "SVG Refinement", you will notice how amazing it looks.  Thanks Adam.

If you choose "SVG Line Trace", you can see the imperfections of the automated tracing routines.