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September 13, 2011

On Sep 13, 2011, at 10:43 AM, Charles Butler wrote:

In this case, the thumb is at the top and the hand is clearly pointing to the right, that is a 90 degree from straight up and down, so I am curious as to the answer to this as well.


Hello Charles, Stefan, Adam, Bill and everyone -

I  believe we are all writing the same on this one, Charles - As you can see by the attached... directing the hand to the side like this example is the same for both writing styles... at least this looks good to me ;-)

And the differences between the writing styles are very only happens in a few rare cases...As far as I can see, both styles of writing are the same on side-view palm facings, and are the same on back-of-hand palm facings is only some white palm hand symbols that are different - and only a handful (no pun intended ;-)

I will prepare a diagram to explain the 10 palm facings, and how the software limited us to 6 back in 1985, and how the confusion started with a mix of four palm facings that didn't exist in the software - now looking back I can see where the holes in the system led to the confusion - but it relates to so few hand symbols and the software is so flexible and stable now, that no one is held back by our history - and in time this will all work out - it is always good to discuss these things -

I hope you have a great weekend - my family life takes more time from my days now, so I am not working as many hours as before - I am a caregiver for my aging parents....but when I have time, I am here on the List - Val ;-)