Hi Valerie and friends, 
thank you very much for your answer. I understand how to handle this
ColumnMaker with this "work around"

Perhaps you are interested to understand why I am creating this kind of

Right now I teach a group of deaf and hard of hearing students who are in
the beginning to learn to read and write. 

What I need are lots materials to give them a feeling of success! Any kind
or memory cards, matching pairs of GebaerdenSchrift-signs and written words,
photos or graphics, finger spelling cards, Mundbildschrift-cards .... 

With our new Delegs-Editor we are already able to create wonderful documents
with and without subtitles. This kind of material is almost a daily exercise
for my students. Thanks to the creative and skilled software programmers of
the DELEGS team it does not take too much time to create this kind of
worksheets if the single entries are already created with the SignPuddle

All the best 


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SignWriting List
October 30, 2011

Hi Stefan -
Regarding my three other options - SVG is a little different than our PNG
options. Dragging and dropping columns when we are using the PNG standard is
a different experience than when choosing the SVG and I suspect that
computers vary as to how they handle this, so for me, I have been creating
the SVG in ColumnMaker and then I take a screen capture, or Print Screen,
and from there, it becomes a graphic which I can manipulate in a variety of

One of the other options is to Right-Click on the column and choose to open
it as a new web page made for SVG viewing, and from there manipulate it -

I am new to the issues of SVG myself -

I think the real need is for someday, in SignPuddle, if we could print the
SVG to PDF right there in ColumnMaker, that would solve the issue -

Anyway - enjoy!

Val ;-)


On Oct 30, 2011, at 12:26 PM, Valerie Sutton wrote:

> SignWriting List
> October 30, 2011
> Hi Stefan, Steve and Adam -
> What fun! Your document looks great.
> I love the SVG Refinement font.
> There are a variety of ways to print this -
> I know four options. Here is the first one... I chose Charles Butler's
Halloween document as an example here in the attached screen capture - that
is a nice document, Charles!
> To print SVG from SignPuddle ColumnMaker:
> 1. Right Click on the column in ColumnMaker. Choose Print Frame from the
pull-down menu (see attached). Then it prints to your printer. On the Mac
operating system we can also choose to print to PDF from each frame when the
printer driver comes up...can you do that? See attached screen capture
showing what it looks like when I right-click on a column....