Jonathan, What I really want is SignWriter DOS on a modern system.

In that program you could interleave written alphabets and sign writing. Clunky, but effective.

You could clip signs from a narrative and put them somewhere else.

It was a true typing system for signing so that you could assemble a sign by typing on a keyboard not a mouse. Yes, I know that the current encoding of the ISWA is dependent upon a linking of graphemes and coding equivalents.

None of the Studios or other efforts have gone back to actual interleaved Spoken Language and Signed Language.  I can clip a sign and put it in here
, in TEXT, when does THAT come back in a program. I feel like we are continuing to take a great leap backward. Until one can type or easily assemble, one can't' send email that is in sign language with a spoken language. IF Chinese can do it, I am disappointed in every Sign Writing compiler on the market that can't interleave.

Charles Butler

This is an email program and I can do that, but the SW studio and all other programs do not do that.

Charles Butler
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