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November 2, 2011

Hello George and everyone -
It is such a pleasure to receive so many messages regarding the SignWriting Seminars I will be offering now - I love to think back on all the wonderful people who have visited and lived with me here in the past, and how we have a bright future together...

Of course I know it costs money for people to travel to me, here in La Jolla, but once you arrive there are many benefits to the visit, not only because we will share our SignWriting work together, but also because La Jolla is a university town.

The University of California at San Diego (UCSD) is in La Jolla, which includes a well-known Linguistic and ASL Communication department, directed by Dr. Carol Padden. Researcher Rachel Mayberry is at UCSD, and has worked with research that I find fascinating, related to second-language learners. La Jolla also has Salk Institute, next door to UCSD, and the famous Dr. Ursula Bellugi and the late Dr. Edward Klima used to have their labs there, and Ursula still does research in her lab at Salk Institute.

Salk Institute played an important role in the history of SignWriting, because back in the 1980's Dr.Bellugi and others were doing research with born-Deaf native signers, and many of the born-Deaf native signers who worked at Salk Institute became our Deaf Action Committee for SignWriting (the DAC), including Lucinda O'Grady Batch, George Butch Zein, Kevin Clark, and a long list of other Deaf native signers, plus hearing linguists who worked with Dr. Bellugi, such as Dr. Karen van Hoek and others, also had influence on the development of SignWriting in that era - one of them, Dr. Karen Emmorey, now has her own lab at another university in San Diego, SDSU (San Diego State University), and several of our DAC members are working with Karen.

So when you come to learn SignWriting and stay in my home, we can make appointments for you, to visit these research centers.

And George, if your age ever allows you to travel again, I do hope you will come to visit us. My folks are age 90 and 91, and they are still actively interested and in support of SignWriting and its benefits to the world...

I moved here to La Jolla in 1985, so I guess we missed each other by a decade!

I am happy you are here on the List with us -

Val ;-)


On Nov 1, 2011, at 2:44 PM, George Veronis wrote:

Dear Valerie:

I had not realized that you live in La Jolla.  I spent many a happy visit to SIO during the 50s 60s and 70s and I have many colleagues who are still active there.  But alas, my age has conspired to keep me on the east coast.

I am still learning signing but have not gone into Sign Writing any farther than the simple introduction.


On Nov 1, 2011, at 5:31 PM, Valerie Sutton wrote:

SignWriting List
November 1st, 2011

Dear SW List -

I am offering private SignWriting seminars now, from my home in La Jolla, just three miles from the ocean...If you know of anyone who is interested in learning SignWriting software, or interested in learning how to write Sign Language literature with private lessons and room and board in my home, please refer them to me... Weekly seminars are available, and we can design the lessons specifically around the needs of the participants, learning to write any sign language in the world, from video or from your own signing knowledge.

If there are more than one person requesting semi-private lessons, we can arrange for rooms at local hotels. La Jolla is a suburb of San Diego and is very beautiful. Take a look at these pictures of La Jolla:

La Jolla Slide Show

Write to me privately to make arrangements -

Val ;-)

Valerie Sutton

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