I agree with you that they are unique handshapes that are not currently in the ISWA.
Bravo for finding them. My early work with the LIBRAS corpus had not found those.

Charles Butler

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Clear writing moves business forward.

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Subject: News handshapes in Brazilian Sign Language (LSB/Libras)
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Date: Saturday, November 12, 2011, 12:50 PM

Dear Valerie Sutton and all
members of list, 



My name is Madson Barreto,
I am translator-interpreter of Brazilian Sign Language (LSB/Libras) teen years
ago. My wife is
deaf, teacher of LSB. I’m student of the course “Letras Libras”,
Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina. This course explore the Brazilian
Sign Language, linguistic and focus on translation and interpretation of LSB
for Brazilian Portuguese language. We know the
SignWriting two years ago and since then we have researched this wonderful
system of writing. 


The last year, I created a
Group for the Study of SignWriting here in state of Minas Gerais at my
university. This group investigates the SignWriting. Our desire is that
SignWriting is known for the deaf community because the system records with
precise the Sign Languages.Congratulations to you and all researchs for the
excellent work and research conducted on behalf of deaf communities around the



Please look these pictures of handshapes.
Note that for each one these we have a suggestion of writing in others


- The picture “1” is the union of 01-01-007
(ISWA code) and 01-06-019; 

- The picture “2” rememb me 01-08-018; 

- The picture “4” is the union of handshapes
01-01-003 and 01-05-008. It seems with 01-01-003. 

- The picture “5” is the union of 01-06-013 [
I ] and 01-10-004 [A]. The handshape “5” is very alike to the 01-06-021 [Y].
Here in Brazil usually use it but it is very seems with 01-06-021 [Y]. I see
that many people use it in dactylology (spelling) 01-10-004 for [A] and
01-09-019 for [G]. The handshape 01-06-021 is a different picture of “5”. 



We intent include the handshape 1,2,3,4 and 5
them in ISWA and disclose this here in Brazil for use of the 01-09-019 and
01-10-004, stop using 01-09-018 and 01-10-003 because they cause confusion in
the writing of handshape “5”. 



Eagerly await your reply, 

Madson and Raquel Barreto