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November 24, 2011

Hello Madson and everyone on the SignWriting List -

I feel so happy this evening. We have just completed the most wonderful holiday here in the US - our Thanksgiving feast - and in my family we certainly did have a feast! I am writing so totally stuffed with food I don't think I will eat for a week - ha!  But we had a great time - celebrated both yesterday and today and we cannot ask for more -

And I am so happy to know all of you here on the SignWriting List - it is fun to discuss hand symbols and other details - I would like to share some Movement Arrow issues with all of you later -

Thank you, Madson, for this message. Do you know about Steve Slevinski's ISWA 2010 HTML Reference Manual online? It lists all the hand symbols that are in the ISWA 2010:

ISWA 2010 listed online

but there are also other hand symbols that exist in SignWriting that are not in the ISWA 2010 as you know, and that is ok, because we can build new ones or old ones that are not there. So thank you for sharing some of the new ones you need...

I can certainly read this symbol that you attached -

Val ;-)


On Nov 24, 2011, at 2:25 PM, Madson Barreto wrote:

Hi, everybody,

Here's the second handshape.

- The picture "2" Remember Me 01-08-018 ...
Valerie, thank you for showing me that it is already in ISWA and the first way I wrote is right.

Madson Barreto