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November 24, 2011

Hello Madson -
Thank you for sharing your proposal with us….. There are signers from Brazil here on the List. I hope you can discuss your choices for symbols in LIBRAS with them. Meanwhile, from a  general SignWriting perspective, all of the handshapes you show in the attached photos can be written in SignWriting and it is just a matter of choice - It is hard to get a consensus to write exactly the same in such a large country like Brazil - especially when writing LIBRAS is such a new experience for many people in Brazil, but it is good that you all discuss it - 

I hope you will start using SignPuddle Online, Madson, for some of your documents and dictionary entries, since your writing style can be read by others that way and that can help to show your suggestions to people:

SignPuddle for Brazil

It is a pleasure to discuss writing LIBRAS!

Val ;-)


On Nov 24, 2011, at 2:26 PM, Madson Barreto wrote:

Hello Valerie and everyone,
The picture "5" is the union of 01-06-013 [I] and 01-10-004 [A]. The handshape "5" is very alike to the 01-06-021 [Y]. Here in Brazil usually use it but it is very Seems with 01-06-021 [Y].
That I see many people use it in fingerspelling is 01-10-004 [A] and 01-09-019 is [G]. The handshape 01-06-021 is a different picture of "5".
Initially had said here on this forum that my proposal was that here in Brazil were used only handshapes 01-09-019 and 01-10-004 and that they were no longer used the handshape 01-09-018 and 01-10-003 because They cause confusion in the writing of handshape "5".
Valerie, I have clarified your posts a lot, especially when he explained about the beginning of SignWriting SignWriter and software.
Madson Barreto 

Madson Barreto