Hi Ingvild,
    I only know of this way.  There might be a more straight forward way to do it though.  I hope this get you out of the bind.
    Once you have the the SVG showing in the column maker.  Right click in Firefox and choose show source.  At the bottom of the source you will something similar to.
It's underlined. If you have more than one column, you might have more than one of these.

 Click on it and it will open the svg document. 

 Save the file.  Make sure to put an svg extention on it like so "myfilename.svg"

To test it open it in FireFox.


On 19/12/2011 3:11 PM, Ingvild Roald wrote:
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Hi all,

can anyone help me? I need to be able to bring the beautiful svg-figures from Column maker to anywhere else. I have written an article for an international Terminology journal. The article is accepted, but they need the written signs to be at least 300 dpi, and preferably svg. I cannot figure out how to capture the figures I made with 'translate - column maker - customise'. I only have a lousy screen capture feature, that makes a jpg from the screen cut, withy too little solution. Bringing this into Phoshop does not help. - The journal needed the figures yeasterday, I said I hoped they would be ready tomorrow.

Please help, anyone,


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