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December 31, 2011

Hi Steve, Jonathan and Stefan -

Regarding programming horizontal writing...

When programming SignWriter DOS, I believe Rich Gleaves centered the signs without any notice of the heads when pasting in from the dictionary - the whole sign as a unit was centered …you can see this if you download DOSBox for either Mac or Windows and install SignWriter DOS and play with the program for a while… I just tried it...


Download SignWriter DOS

but I remember there was a way to center signs with a keystroke in SignWriter DOS and I cannot remember it right now - I would suggest writing to Rich Gleaves to ask him -

And then the DELEGS program may be programmed differently - how do you center a sign in DELEGS, Stefan?

Val ;-)


On Dec 31, 2011, at 5:17 AM, Steve Slevinski wrote:

> Hi Jonathan & Stefan,
> Happy New Year.
> Horizontal writing is important and fundamental for using SignWriting.  I'm glad you are both involved with SignWriting applications.
> Regarding horizontal writing, how do you center?  Is it based on the center of the entire sign image?  Is it based on the center of the head & trunk symbol cluster like vertical writing?  Other than head bobbing, does it matter?
> Looking forward to 2012,
> -Steve