Hi Stefan,

On 12/31/11 9:55 AM, Stefan Wöhrmann wrote:
> One problem - and Steve - asked for that is the "head bobbing"  that did not
> happen in SW DOS because I used to add the headcircels at a given height in
> the signwindow - once the new signs had been added to the dictionary they
> all show a beautiful horizontal level throughout the signs.

I believe we need different centering rules for horizontal and for 
vertical writing.  Vertical writing centers on the head (category 4) and 
the trunk (category 5, group 27), while horizontal writing centers on 
heads (category 4) alone. For horizontal writing, this would keep the 
heads from bobbing up and down the horizontal line.

> Now with SignPuddle this is not true anymore. Whenever I add a new sign to
> the SignPuddle-dictionary I have to do extrawork if I try to coppy and
> rewrite a given sign, because now the headcircles move down in direction to
> the middle of the signmager-window.
This is new for SignPuddle 1.6.  Sign are automatically centered and the 
symbol positions are rewritten accordingly.  This is needed for 
searching and automatic layout.

> In order to get nicely arranged
> headcircles  well in our dictionary we need many of them as you already know
> ( ;-)  - I use the uppest horizontal line as kind of orientation - line.
> Afterwards I add the other symbols that I need to write a given sign.
> Now - due to the new centering-procedure the heads are proper organized if
> it comes to vertical writing- but it is a continuous and disturbing "head
> bobbing" if we arrange the single entries in a horizontal way -
Thanks for taking the time to discuss this.  It's exactly what I needed 
to know.

> Hope you are doing well - the last day of this year.
> All the best and a wonderful evening to all of you
To you as well,