SignWriting List
December 14, 2011

Thank you to everyone for trying to open Maria Galea's database on classifiers in Maltese Sign Language. And thank you, Jerry, for sending us a file last night.

Jerry Spillman sent me this file, converted, last night:

I was able to open it, Jerry, as a read-only file on Microsoft Office 2008 on the Mac.

From that I could create a PDF, but it doesn't include any written signs in SignWriting…and apparently Jerry tried to create a PDF and it was a nightmare (as Jerry called it …smile…)

Did you have actual symbols and signs stored in the original database, Maria? That is what I would like to see….the written classifiers in SignWriting...

Thank you again, Maria, for sharing and I plan to post your Thesis, but just want to figure this out first…

Maria sent us a link for a viewer:

Can others read this file?

Val ;-)


On Dec 13, 2011, at 8:33 AM, Jerry Spillman wrote:

> Val or Bill,
> Can you send me a link to Maria's file, I will try to help here if I can download it.
> Thanks,
> Jerry Spillman