Val, Steve, Jonathan and all:

thank you, this works. When I had the customized sign saved frame by frame, making sure the names had .svg at the end, I tried e-mailing one to another account, and it did work. So how the people on the other end will handle the graphics from there, is not my problem - maybe they will do screen captures from there? At least, I am now ready to mail off the lot ,



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December 19, 2011

Hello All…Ingvild, Jonathan, Steve, Alan -

Ingvild was concerned because of a deadline of turning in work for a publication by tomorrow, so Ingvild asked to Skype with me a few minutes ago and I wasn't sure we could figure anything out, but we did come up with one solution…within ColumnMaker…

Here it is:

1. Once you have the SVG Refinement completed for the columns in ColumnMaker and it looks like beautiful SVG - the problem is getting it into other applications after that -

soooo… we did this…

1. Right click on each column of SVG in ColumnMaker
2. Choose "Save Frame" and then "Save Frame As"
3. Change the name "glyphogram" or "glyphogram.svg" to the name for each column…like column1.svg or something like that…
4. it is no saved to your desktop or wherever you saved it
5. then how does one get svg into other programs? for example, Photoshop cannot open sag I believe, but Illustrator can… a web browser will open sag, but perhaps Microsoft Word cannot? these issues are on the other end because sag is complicated

Here is a screen capture of what I did for Ingvild…if you can make this easier, Steve, that will be great - right now we need to instruct people how to do this, and thank you also Jonathan, for your suggestion, which seems great to me too - can the url bring the graphic into another program like Word?

On Dec 19, 2011, at 12:54 PM, Steve Slevinski wrote:

Hi Ingvild,

We can get this done.  Can you point to the source material?

If the default ColumnMaker isn't adequate, I can help make something work.  I know that Alan Post has experience making SVG with SignPuddle data.  If he sees this, maybe he can comment.



On Dec 19, 2011, at 12:51 PM, Jonathan wrote:

Hi Ingvild,
    I only know of this way.  There might be a more straight forward way to do it though.  I hope this get you out of the bind.
    Once you have the the SVG showing in the column maker.  Right click in Firefox and choose show source.  At the bottom of the source you will something similar to.
It's underlined. If you have more than one column, you might have more than one of these.

 Click on it and it will open the svg document. 

 Save the file.  Make sure to put an svg extention on it like so "myfilename.svg"

To test it open it in FireFox.


On 19/12/2011 3:11 PM, Ingvild Roald wrote:
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Hi all,

can anyone help me? I need to be able to bring the beautiful svg-figures from Column maker to anywhere else. I have written an article for an international Terminology journal. The article is accepted, but they need the written signs to be at least 300 dpi, and preferably svg. I cannot figure out how to capture the figures I made with 'translate - column maker - customise'. I only have a lousy screen capture feature, that makes a jpg from the screen cut, withy too little solution. Bringing this into Phoshop does not help. - The journal needed the figures yeasterday, I said I hoped they would be ready tomorrow.

Please help, anyone,


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