Hi Ingvild, Valerie, Jonathan, Steve and friends, ... 


First of all ... 



I spent some time to understand the postings about Ingvild’s problem with
the quality of the graphics for publishing. 

Finally I found a neat work around and I hope it works... 


Once you have finished the graphics with  SignPuddle  Column-Maker  (SVG
Refinement)  right click on the given column and look for  “Print actual

I installed a program called  PDF24  - and voila I get a perfect PDF of this
column as you can see in the attached Merry Christmas file ;-) 

If you want to, you can open the PDF in Photoshop in order to continue your
work. In this case a wrote the same text from left to right.. 


I feel so happy that this procedure is working. Wow – Adam – and Steve and
Valerie your cooperation allowed us to print materials with excellent
graphics quality. Congratulations!! 

I do not know yet what the publisher for literature would say – but to me it
looks good. 

Hope all of you are doing fine! 










SignWriting List

December 20, 2011


I am glad to know this too, Ingvild - To finally have publishers and
printers stating that our graphics quality is excellent is a big step
forward, because before SVG, we had bitmaps with staircased-circles, so this
is great news they could use svg for publishing printed materials -


Not everyone knows how to use .svg - it is great on the web, but to use it
inside book-layout-software is another story - I hope to learn how to do
this myself later - 


what would really help, Steve, is to be able to print to PDF from
ColumnMaker once the svg format is refreshed and ready to go - svg to pdf is
needed - 


Val ;-)