Hi SignWriting List,

Today, I completed the initial draft of the Modern SignWriting 
specification.  The document contains technical details and applications 
for the international SignPuddle data set.

Table of Contents
1. Stability
2. Historical Foundation
3. International Corpus
4. Mathematical Model
5. Symbol Set
6. Symbol Encoding
7. Script Layout
8. Text Encoding
9. Regular Searching Form
10. Variant Display Forms
11. Sorting Terminology
12. Spelling Normalization

Project Page:
Direct PDF link:

Today, I also released an alpha version of the SignWriting Image Server 
v3.  It has been updated to be consistent with the MSW document and it 
covers all of the various sections of MSW with working and tested 
functions.  I have a bit more work before it is production ready, but 
I'm very pleased with what I have so far.

Project Page:


PS - Happy Birthday Val!!!