Hello everyone,

Val, sorry for difficult situation in your family. I hope thinks goes
better soon.

Anyway it is every time interesting question in how many countries is SW
I also have problems to answer this question to people who ask this.
Few years ago I asked on the list for schools where SW is used, but I did
not get many responses. Therefor it is good idea to create new webpage with
countries, theirs projects etc. so everyone can see where an how is SW used
in the world.

I think, here in the Czech Republic is SW well known (many people knows
that SW exists) at least by SL interpreters and people who study deaf
studies university in Prague or Brno and most of deaf students studying in
Now we are working on writing children story to SW (story is written by
deaf authors) and I hope we manage to print the book this year. We also use
SW in university dictionary and I like to teach SW to deaf and hearing
students next term.

Honza Fikejs, CZ

On 8 February 2012 20:18, Madson Barreto <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Hello,
> Thanks Valerie, Claudia and Stefan responses.
> I am also very happy with the expansion of SignWriting in the world.
> => The world is a big place, is not it?
> Yes, Valerie, great!
> Indeed there is much work to do. The Internet has helped this.
> I believe that the communities in which each of us is embedded multiplying
> agents
> have generated to expand the SignWriting. In Brazil it all started with a
> small
> group of people as well.
> In our city, many people are willing to learn to write signs, my wife
> (deaf) and I
> are preparing to offer workshops and courses.
> Small actions great results. It's like when a little stone hits the water
> and
> generates a lot of waves.