“We have to work harder!!! :-)”


Cannot stop laughing! ;-)





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I think it depends on what you think that using SW is! It's depend on the
project (transcription, writing, education, translation, informatics?), the
people involved, the cities involved...
Can we tell Italians use SW? There is a group of italians using SW, but
there are less than 10 persons (we just start spreading SW, after 10 years
studing it for research purposes, so now we have about 50-60 persons knowing
it, but did they use it? I don't know!). By the way, they use it massively
to research purpose envolving writing and transcription. So we can't tel
that Italians (all!!!) use SW, but we can tell that there is a "pole of
excelence" on SW in Rome.
I think that it very hard to speak about countries using it. I prefere to
think that there are places where SW is used: Rome (10 persons), Toulouse (1
person), La Jolla (Valerie and the DAC's members)... Maybe in some palces
it's more extended, because they use it at scool (but to be considered
"spread" it have to be more than one single scool, I think). I hope that,
frome those "pole of excelence" we can spread SW all around us, but it's not
already done! We have to work harder!!! :-)

2012/2/8 Madson Barreto <[log in to unmask]>

Hello all,


I followed the discussions in the forum and via email

every day I see people of all countries participating.

I have a question:


Who we are (how many countries currently use the SignWriting)?



Madson Barreto


Claudia S. Bianchini

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