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March 7, 2012

Hello Stefan -
I like this writing. Very accurate. It gives me pleasure to see the use of the Overhead View of the Head…It really does come in handy in this rare case. And adding the arm lines and the nose are also good techniques - the nose added is helpful because this sign contacts or relates to the nose - so the added nose gives that information - smile -

I am happy this sign can be written so well -

Thanks for sharing!

Val ;-)

On Mar 7, 2012, at 10:31 AM, Stefan Wöhrmann wrote:

Hello Valerie, Madson, Charles,...
Well this is really a challenge to come up with a spelling that allows the non-informed readerto understand the idea of the scribe –
First of all – this kind of discussion is not a done in a second ... and there are definitely some very interesting aspects included which can be the issue of a two hour lesson.
I agree that the presentation of the fotos made it much easier to understand the intention.
I agree that voting for the Overhead View it is easier to understand the location and path of the movement  ... on the other hand – now we  focus the problem to deal with several different point of views (top – down, front, over-head  ... all at the same time.
I took some time to rewrite the sign as if my students should read it best.
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I add the nose to the face  ;-))
You see that I changed the right – hand-shape –
Thumb and index fingers are slightly spread 
Seen from top down this hand shape is far better to understand  compared to the front view ( which by the way is very confusing in this special case.. but  that is another story and will opten the can of worms again ! )
I use the brush-information only once – the two arrows forward indicate the intention (two times brushing the nose)
I add the final position.
I do this very often. From my point of experience this kind of spelling allows a fast and easy reading without too much guessing.
I like to compare and to study styles of spellings and Madson ... thank you for this wonderful example of a difficult to write sign!
All the best

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March 5, 2012
Hello Madson - Thank you for posting the photos below - that helped so much!
That is a hard sign to write easily -
Just like Charles, when I read the way it was written in SignWriting before, I did not realize we were dealing with both right and left hands. In a case like this, I would suggest writing arm lines attached to the two hands in the beginning…that way there is no doubt for the reader that we are starting with two hands - 
As you know, SignWriting originally started as a stick-figure writing system, and in this case, adding arm lines will help the reader, whether you write from the Front View or the Overhead View…
So try writing it again if you can -
Val ;-)
On Mar 5, 2012, at 12:03 PM, Charles Butler wrote:

O sinal gripe suino, sim. Eu nao entende sinal ter com duas maos. Agora e claro.
The sign is swine flu, yes. I did not understand the sign to have two hands. Now it is clear.
The spelling would be right hand, left hand, head from above, then brush twice, pinch twice, and move twice. Shouldn't it have two brush marks?  
Charles Butler
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Clear writing moves business forward.
On Mar 5, 2012, at 11:46 AM, Madson Barreto wrote:

Hello Charles!
This signal is not flu. It is "swine flu" (Influenza 'A' - H1N1).
The left hand ("S" - closed fist) touch or stand in front of the nose.
The right hand ("pinch") causes the movement indicated in speeling (writing).
See photos.
Write your hands in front of the face of the sign difficult to read, so we chose to write in Vision Up.
Madson and Raquel Barreto
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