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Is British the same as Australian signs?
There's a huge overlap. One of my BSL tutors was an Australian living in London. It can cause some hilarity if students are unaware of dialectal usages; for example, the AUSLAN sign for Coca-Cola is a BSL sign for a very interesting but rude activity. ;-)

If you want chapter and verse on the dis-similarities between the three languages (I would include NZSL with them) then some members of the Deafness, Cognition and Language research team at University College, London would be able to give you a more precise answer; at least two of their researchers (Robert Adam and Dr Adam Schembri) are Australians but researching BSL. Dr Schembri has lead the BSL Sign Language Corpus project since its inception -- based on parallel work he did with the AUSLAN Corpus project. (Though I believe Dr Schembri has recently returned to Australia.) Or you might want to contact Dr Jemina Napier in Australia who is a native BSL signer but combining academics with working as an AUSLAN interpreter.

Regards, Trevor.

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