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March 25, 2012

Hello Yuri and everyone!

THANK YOU, Yuri, for writing this beautiful sign, and doing such a creative job. It is a pretty sign, like art!

And thank you for accepting my comments, I appreciate your openness and interest in writing so that we all can read the signs.

First, I can see that perhaps you are using old software to write signs? Maybe you are using SW-Edit or SignWriter DOS?

SW-Edit is an excellent program developed in Brazil, by Dr. Antonio Carlos da Rocha Costa and Rafael Piccin Torchelsen.


I would be happy to help the developers update SW-Edit, if they have the time. Or perhaps someone else can help to update the software. The problem is that SW-Edit has not been updated since the International SignWriting Alphabet was developed, so this means that you are using out-of-date symbols in SW-Edit. You are not using the ISWA 2010, when you use SW-Edit. The same with SignWriter DOS. It is out-of-date too.

Can you use SignPuddle Online for Brazil? That would be better, so you are using the same symbols as the rest of the world.

SignPuddle for Brazil

So the first thing I want to explain is that the symbols have changed for Circles. The dotted circles do not exist any longer. They look like this instead. They are double-stemmed: