There is already a sign for this movement in the system. Valerie may be able to find it quickly. The squeeze-open movement (closed and open o) can be arrowed to show which comes first.
Look at the sign for "linda" in Libras. That should have what i'm talking about.
Charles Butler
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Sent: Thursday, March 1, 2012 2:08 PM
Subject: Opening the knuckles from the hand, one finger at a time

Hello Valerie and everyone

Studying on "Opening the knuckles from the hand, one finger at a time", found the following:

"The fingers are extended, opening the hand one finger at a time, starting with the index and ending with the little finger. [...] Note: In some languages​​, opening or closing the hand one finger at a time Can start with the pinky or the index / thumb. In some cases it may be
contrastive and you will need to Specify Which finger starts the process "(Parkhurst & Parkhurst. A Cross-Linguistic guide to SignWriting®: a phonetic approach, 2008, p. 70)

In Libras has several signs that this movement begins with the pinky finger. I thought to adopt the following convention: put the symbol "Opening the knuckles from the hand, one finger at a time" near it (pinky finger) so it was clear that the movement starts for him.

See the examples:

Madrugada (Dawn)

Explicar (explain)

What do you think?

Madson Barreto