SignWriting List
April 3, 2012

Here are five ways to write this sign. Which do you prefer? And how do we read these signs? It will be good to discuss this.

1. The Surface Symbol tells us that one hand is in front of the other, but because it is placed near the Flat Hand, could it be that the Flat Hand is supposed to be in front of the Fist? It is a well written sign, but that is the one question I have with it - The placement of the Surface Symbol near the Flat Hand confused me at first…

2. In this one, the Contact Star is placed at the end of the arrow, showing that there is contact at the end of the movement. It also tells us that the contact at the end is "in front of" the hand it is contacting.

3. This one states the same, but the "in front of" is placed underneath the Fist…

4. And the last one is the way I would write it, if it is not incorrect. It depends on what you are doing - if it is for everyday use, then seeing it from the side, and also eliminating all Surface Symbols and Contact symbols is the way we write here. The Contact is assumed since the two hand symbols are written so close to each other. Our goal is usually simplicity for daily writing.

Thank you again for the great photos below…

So how do you feel about the placement of these symbols and which ones above do you prefer?

Val ;-)


Madson and Raquel Barreto