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May 16, 2012

Dear SignWriting List, Gerard, Kathleen and Steve...

A few days ago, I wished Gerard, in the Netherlands, a Happy Birthday with a SignWriting card by Kathleen Heylen from Flanders (thank you, Kathleen), and Gerard posted a mention of SignWriting and the SW MediaWiki Plugin, in his blog. 

Go to:

Thank you, Gerard!

The SW MediaWiki Plugin is ready now, as Steve just told us - I hope it will be useful to you and other MediaWiki users - Keep us informed -

Val ;-)


On May 8, 2012, at 2:21 AM, Gerard Meijssen wrote:

I like the card and I used / abused your card to mention SignWriting yet again :)

On 7 May 2012 19:40, Valerie Sutton <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Happy Birthday, Gerard!! ;-)))

This card is by Kathleen Heylen, a teacher of Deaf children in Flemish Sign Language, in Belgium.

So this is Flemish Sign Language - probably different than Dutch Sign Language in Holland, where you live, but anyway… we want to wish you a happy birthday….I hope you have a wonderful day -

It says Happy Birthday, and Kathleen's name sign is bottom right… Val ;-)