SignWriting List
May 22, 2012

Hello Dali -
Thank you for this message. So I know of three places where SignWriting will be presented or used in Tunisia:

1. l'Institut Superieur des Sciences Humaines de Tunis

2. Tunisian Association of the Deaf

3. WebSign Sign Language Avatar Project

Project directed by Professor Mohamed Jemni
Ecole Supérieure des Sciences et Techniques de Tunis (ESSTT), University of Tunis

Professor Jemni's contact information is on this web page:

I will send you what you need, Dali, and thank you for teaching and sharing with us -

Val ;-)


On May 22, 2012, at 4:36 AM, Dali balti wrote:

Hello Dear Valerie!!!

So happy to hear from you each time I receive an e-mail from your part!!!
Here is an English Website relating to the Institute!!!

As for Mr Jimni, I do not have any contact with him, neither a phone number nor an email address!!! Can you be in help please so that I can contact him? thank you!

Blessings my sister!!!


On May 22, 2012, at 12:23 AM, Valerie Sutton wrote:

SignWriting List
May 21, 2012

Hello Mohamed Ali Balti (Dali), and everyone who is learning and using SignWriting in Tunisia...

THANK YOU for this report about your experiences teaching SignWriting in Tunisia. It is wonderful to know that SignWriting is useful to you and that people learn it quickly and feel joy when using it.

I will send you a donation of a box of books and the teaching certificate you need. I am happy to know that you will be teaching SW at the University, and also at the Tunisian Deaf Association…Please, can you tell me again the name of the University where you will be teaching, Dali?

I would like to update our web page:

SignWriting in Tunisia

Also, have you met Professor Jemni, from the University of Tunis? Their department is using SignWriting in Computer Sciences, for avatar programming and so forth…The information is on our above web page - 

Val ;-)


On May 18, 2012, at 12:50 PM, Dali balti wrote:

Hello my beloved broters and sisters!=0AYesterday and Today Ispent the most=
wonderful days in my life! I have been among deaf and hearing teachers and=
students!!! I explained for them the importance of using Sign Writing, spe=
cially as they were telling me how difficult it was to remember the signs t=
hey were learning.=0AI did not imagine to see such a joy in their faces as =
they were trying to test me to write some difficult signs, but Sign Writing=
had always a way to write so clearly any Tunisian Sign!!!=0AMy friends did=
not stop praising the wonderful work of Valerie Sutton, they did not even =
find the right words to describe their joy.... they also asked me to give t=
ransmit special thanks to Valerie and to everyone getting involved in this =
wonderful and miraculous work!!!=0AI think I am having more and more people=
who want to start learning Sign Writing, specially as I started my first l=
esson of SW with a deaf teacher and a hearing student born to deaf parents!=
!!! tere is no one who can share my joy but you all dear friends!!!!=0AI al=
so wish I could have more books to spread SW teaching all over Tunisia!!!!
Be blessed everyone!!!!