Hello Valerie,
sorry for the previous message, I  clicked the wrong button again.
But I wanted to thank you for writing. The signs look so pretty and clear in colour. Yes we have some good memories eh, never to forget.
You and Steve have done miraculous work and still doing it. It has proven that your sign writing is clear and easy to read, , proven by  that  pretty well all over the world it is being used.
Have a wonderful summer.

Thinking often about you !!!!


On 2012-05-23, at 11:11 AM, Valerie Sutton wrote:

Re: Hi Tini

Good morning, Tini! This message is not the greatest ASL grammar (smile) but nonetheless, it shows how we can write horizontally or vertically, and in color and in many size choices - Thank you, Steve, for building in these new features into SignPuddle 2... And Tini, it is great to hear from you again and I am happy to know you are still using DanceWriting after decades - we knew each other in the 1970's - hard to imagine, huh? Keep well now - Many blessings - Val ;-)

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