Hi Honza,

For the SignPuddle 2 update, I removed the custom export.  It was not 
straight forward to keep the custom export, so I dropped it to save time 
and sanity.

It looks like you were accessing the Data Format page for the XML 
example you provided.

Just to reiterate, the XML can be accessed on an individual basis. Under 
each entry with a sign, there is a "Sign data: FSW or CSW" line with links.

If you clink either the FSW or CSW links, you will be brought to the 
Data Format page.

In the XML Options section, select "Symbol Identification" as "ID". For 
"Data Content" you have 3 options.

It may be possible to fix the custom export, however it would not use 
the XML for the sign data.  Also to consider, the symbol IDs in 
SignPuddle 2 are based on the ISWA 2010.