Hello Steve,

thank you a lot for help.
Could you explain me FSW at least?


On 29 June 2012 00:12, Steve Slevinski <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Hi Honza,

I enabled the working draft that I had for the custom export.  It is a little different than before but it is working.

On the export page, in the Custom Export section, click the start button.

The easiest way to use the Custom Export is to make a comma separated list of the desired entry IDs (puddle page).  Enter that list in the Export list field and press Update.

Then in the top section on the Export page, make sure the Export source is "Selected" and press either Download or View.

Alternatively, you can add either entire search results or individual entries. 

On the Search by Words page, searched for terms that contained "ba" with a Source of "Val".  Under the results, you will see a "Custom XML Export" button.  This button will add all of the search results.

If you select an individual entry, you will see a Custom XML Export under the other command buttons.  This Custom XML Export will only add the individual entry to the custom export.

However, the data in the export does not use the XML for the sign data.  It uses FSW.  I'll explain that in the next email.