Hello signwriting friends!!!

I have a small or a big question!!! I do not know how to qualify it!!! it is related the body movement!
Actually, I do understand them, but I fear I have another understanding for them!!!!
I attached five pictures related to my questions:

1- the head with a dotted arrow does it mean that the whole body move while fixed to the ground? (like the Michael Jackson moon dance when he tilts 45 degree?)

2- the picture with shoulders dotted arrows, does it mean that only the upper part of the body tilt??? (as to tilt to listen to a child, or tilting forward like a servant to his master?)

3- the picture with side-view!!! which one may I use if for example I want to write a side-view for hands being signed on the left and vice versa???

4- the head position according to the shoulders!!! does it mean the same movements which a dancer might do while moving one's head right and left and in the middle???? if it is possible can any friend attach some pictures so that it would be clearer??? 

so many thanks and blessings for every one in this wonderful world of SignWriting!!!!