Hello Adam.
1 - that mouth movement represents a continuos movement, I mean wich lasts for some seconds or is short and fast like 1 second? I think that one fits to what I need.
2 - I thought that mouth movement was for blow, put the air out of the mouth which requires full cheeks. Isn't? The movement that I talk have no air, it's just opening and closing the mouth..

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What a very interesting question. I am not sure if I am seeing the same thing that you are asking, but ASL has some things that are very similar. So I will write how I would write those things.
1 - This is the mouth movement that ASL has with starting a motorcycle.
2 - ASL has a mouth movement that is often written in English as "PAH", so I just added down arrows to show that it repeats more that once.
I hope that this helps.
On Jun 15, 2012, at 2:40 PM, Rafaela Silva wrote:Hello everyone. Hope everthing is well.

I have 2 doubts/questions and I hope someone can help me!

1 - SW have a facial symbol for the expression "bruumm" that we do with the 
mouth, for example, when we want to imitate or explain the sound of a 

2 - SW have a symbol that represents the mouth opening and closing 
consecutively? (As babies do whe they are starting to talk, like "papapapapa")

Thank you.