On 8/31/12 10:29 AM, Madson Barreto wrote:
> looking forward to working with Libras Wikipedia, a Brazilian deaf who
> participated in workshop SignWriting saw the site ASL Wikipedia and was delighted
> with the project. She also said that Brazil needs a project like this.

Yes indeed!

We are currently on phase 1 of the plan.  This is on Wikimedia Labs.  
This requires a bit of technical know how (shell access and server 
configuration) and it requires learning about the Wikimedia internal 
environment.  We have a general project for SignWriting. Others can join 
but it's not for the general user.  We could start another Wikipedia 
project in another sign language and proceed with parallel development.  
If anyone is interested, here is the place to start:

For phase 2, we will move to the Wikimedia Incubator.  At this point, 
any sign language can request a Wikipedia or Wiktionary.  New projects 
will use the same flow as other languages.  New projects will not 
require a developer to configure the server.  New projects will only 
require writers and editors that are familiar with using the MediaWiki