Hello Maria Galea, Charles, Adam, Valerie and everyone,

This discussion is very interesting!

The recent publication of the book "Escrita de Sinais sem Mistérios" (SignWriting clarity) authored by myself and my wife Raquel Barreto (deaf), brings a collection of 111 handshapes used in Libras (Brazilian Sign Language). This is the biggest list of handshapes Libras. The previous publications by other researchers indicated 64 handshapes and the following 75 handshapes. The most accepted and used as a reference is still the list of 64 handshapes.

Our research was based on the research of various lists of handshapes and also observing the signs of the deaf. Thus we find five handshapes that are not yet in ISWA. But we write in SignWriting using the new rules for writing handshapes. Some months ago we discussed some of them here in SW-List.

With respect to other symbols, we did a survey of the quantities, but we seek to cover the symbol relating to the movements and facial expressions / body most used in signaling and writing.

This book is the first volume, ie, does not exhaust the possibility of new discoveries and teachings on SignWriting.

Visit our website  and learn more about this work. See also some parts of the book.

Madson Barreto