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August 8, 2012

Hello Professor Jemni!
I look forward to watching this video and yes, of course, I will write in the feedback box.

Thank you very much for the work you are doing, using SWML (SignWriting Markup Language) to program the WebSign Avatar - 

Here is information about your project on our SignWriting site:

WebSign Avatar programmed using SWML

I will write again after I have viewed the video -

Perhaps we need to update our SignWriting web pages about your project?

Thank you for sharing your project with us -

Val ;-)


On Aug 7, 2012, at 1:50 AM, Mohamed JEMNI wrote:

Dear friends and colleagues, 

I would very much appreciate if you could take 10 minutes of your time to view this TED video talk and post a comment about it in the "feedback box".
Few words will be enough. (you need to create a log in).
The team needs some support to take it to the next stage; so please share it with your friends and colleagues:;TEDTunis

Thank you, 
Mohamed JEMNI
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