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August 8, 2012

Hello Professor Jemni!
I finally got a chance to view the video - please excuse my delay. It is an excellent presentation and I can see that people gave you a standing ovation at the end - that is wonderful...

The Avatar seems to move well. Congratulations on all this -

I agree with Charles and Ronnie - It would be great if your user interface for the dictionary of signs included some SignWriting - There are Deaf people and signers in Tunisia who are learning and who use SignWriting now - So pictures of handshapes with life-like illustrations are good, but the same screen could also have the SignWriting symbols for those handshapes smaller but right near the illustration as one more aide in assisting the Deaf - just a thought - and of course using SignWriting for searching for signs would be great too, like we do in SignPuddle software…If you are ever interested in that idea, please tell us and we can provide support for your programmers...

I assume that you are using SWML for the programming of the Avatar? I know you were before, but I didn't notice that you mentioned how it was programmed and that is understandable, since the audience probably would not have been interested in such details - I would appreciate any information you can give us on the use of SignWriting or SWML in the project -

I had to join TED to write a response…Here is what I said:

"Thank you, Professor Mohamed Jemni, for the "WebSign" Sign Language Avatar project in Tunisia. We are very happy that SignWriting's SWML has been useful for the programming aspects of the project, and we wish you great success in future developments. I recommend this for TED2013! Read more about this project here: "

I hope you get invited by TED in 2013!…

Thanks for keeping in touch with us -

Val ;-)


On Aug 8, 2012, at 12:29 PM, SignWriting wrote:

SignWriting List
August 8, 2012

Hello Professor Jemni!
I look forward to watching this video and yes, of course, I will write in the feedback box.

Thank you very much for the work you are doing, using SWML (SignWriting Markup Language) to program the WebSign Avatar - 

Here is information about your project on our SignWriting site:

WebSign Avatar programmed using SWML

I will write again after I have viewed the video -

Perhaps we need to update our SignWriting web pages about your project?

Thank you for sharing your project with us -

Val ;-)


On Aug 7, 2012, at 1:50 AM, Mohamed JEMNI wrote:

Dear friends and colleagues, 

I would very much appreciate if you could take 10 minutes of your time to view this TED video talk and post a comment about it in the "feedback box".
Few words will be enough. (you need to create a log in).
The team needs some support to take it to the next stage; so please share it with your friends and colleagues:;TEDTunis

Thank you, 
Mohamed JEMNI
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