SignWriting List
August 22, 2012

Hello SW List members!

I hope you all are doing well...

I will be making several announcements today of new developments. Steve, Adam, Nancy and I have been busy this summer…smile….

First, we are officially using the multi-colored umbrella logo for SignWriting in general on our web sites and literature, and the solid-colored umbrellas, such as Red, Blue and Green for different software programs. The Red umbrella logo is for SignPuddle Online, Green for the SignWriting Image Server (SWIS),  and Blue for the PersonalPuddle

This may seem unimportant, but actually several people have asked me what the logo is for SignWriting?... It was hard to find a logo that matched everyone's signing, so instead, the multi-colored umbrella that rains SignWriting symbols seems the most appropriate and the best recognized … 

You can now find the multi-colored umbrella logo at the top of the front page of the SignWriting Web Site.