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August 25, 2012

Hello Maria and everyone -

Yes, that is correct. SignWriting is up and running on a Wikimedia Labs server without the need for Unicode, thanks to Steve's SignWriting MediaWiki Plugin (SWMP). The SWMP provides other features too…besides breaking the Unicode barrier… While ASL writers are adding articles to the new ASL Wikipedia, Steve, in the background, is working on new features that may possibly include searching the ASL Wikipedia the way we can search SignPuddle…for example, Search by Symbol Frequency, Search by Symbols and so forth…Other Wikipedias do not have such unusual features… And Adam is translating the User Interface into ASL right there is development going on in the background, while new articles can be added any time….

I hope you all will visit and join the ASL Wikipedia Project - There is a Login area at the top right when you enter. Click on "create account"…Create your own User ID…You all will be very welcome…in time this will grow and will be as fun as SignPuddle!

And by the way, we are hoping to have Wikipedias in other sign languages too, so who knows? maybe there will be a Maltese Sign Language Wikipedia Project someday!

Val ;-)

ASL Wikipedia Project on Wikimedia Labs


On Aug 25, 2012, at 4:42 AM, MARIA GALEA wrote:

> Am very happy to hear about this development - seems like you are skipping
> over the Unicode barrier! :) Nothing can stop a strong will :))
> Maria
>> SignWriting List
>> August 23, 2012
>> Dear SW List Members...
>> This is a very exciting and historic time. For years, Steve Slevinski has
>> worked on developing a way for Wikipedia articles to be written in the
>> SignWriting script. The result is the SignWriting MediaWiki Plugin (SWMP).
>> And now we know it is working, because the Wikimedia Foundation, and
>> Wikimedia Labs  has provided space on their server for us to test it. And
>> although there is more software development to be completed, nonetheless,
>> Adam Frost composed and posted the first article for the new ASL Wikipedia
>> located on Wikimedia Labs!
>> So the new project is still in the "test stage", but we are adding
>> articles while Steve and other technicians work on the technical software
>> aspects in the background. Once we have a good number of articles for
>> readers to enjoy, our test ASL Wikipedia will be reviewed and then we
>> hope, someday, it will be approved to become an "official Wikipedia". That
>> has not happened yet, but we are working towards that goal.
>> We are very happy to have this gift of server space and encouragement from
>> the Wikimedia Foundation and Labs, and from Wikipedia users around the
>> world�Thank you!
>> So witness history in the making...
>> ASL Wikipedia Project on Wikimedia Labs