Hello Valerie and everyone,

Some time ago we posted here on the list about the issue in Case Sensitive SignPuddle. Then Raquel and I talked with Val by Skype.

In Brazil many deaf people have difficulty with the Portuguese language due to deficient educational processes in teaching Second Language. Thus, differentiation of uppercase / lowercase can hinder the use of SignPuddle.
- Someone saved the sign 'Casa' / 'House' (capitalized/ uppercase)
- Then another (or the same) sought the sign 'casa' / 'house' (lowercase). The sign capitalized will not be found, but both mean the same thing ...

=> Another issue is the ACCENTS.
In Brazil the accent is important, but sometimes as much as deaf listeners (especially the deaf) have great difficulty in its use because it is linked to issues phonetic / phonological Portuguese. 

So, if someone saves the sign for 'odd' / unpaired with accent (is correct) and a deaf man seeks the sign 'odd' without accent (is incorrect) or accent in the wrong place 'odd' (is incorrect), and not will find that the sign has been saved by someone else. This also hinders the use of text translation tool.

We suggest That the search ignore these differences. This would Facilitate the use of SignPuddle by deaf Brazilian Also.


Madson and Raquel Barreto