Oy Madson,

I think two of your hand shapes may already be in ISWA.

  the thumb, index, and middle finger at right angles to each other. Eu acho que duas de suas formas de mão já pode ser listado no ISWA. 

 (open thumb revolver),  (closed thumb revolver) 

Do you have a "minimal pair" that shows "revolver" and either of these hand shapes in context? Você tem um "par mínimo" que mostra "revolver" e qualquer uma dessas formas de mão no contexto?
Charles Butler
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Sent: Thursday, August 30, 2012 9:10 AM
Subject: Re: An alphabet for a specific sign language from the ISWA 2010

Hello Steve and everyone,

sorry for the delay in responding to the message. I planned to do this for some time, but demorei.

See 06 new handshapes found that along with your writing sample and in Libras. They are not in ISWA. To write them obey the instructions on the site to write new Handshapes. Nicer handshapes similar and merged with one another. We can not use the finger pieces for writes them.

By the time we found these new handshapes, questions and photos posted here List (november 2011 to March - or April 2012).

Soon we vectorize these handshapes if you want, Steve, I can send you files from Corel Draw (. Cdr) and photos when everything is ready.

Hugs to all


Hi Madson Barreto,

Very nice work.

On 8/1/12 9:09 AM, Madson Barreto wrote:

Thus we find five handshapes that are not yet in ISWA.
Is there any place I can find out about these missing hand shapes?

Do you use other hand shapes instead or do you add finger pieces to construct the hand shapes?