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August 31, 2012

Hi Maria -

There is nothing new. SignWriting is not different for the blind. Andre is a teacher and researcher, in French-Canada, who is using SignWriting with his Deaf students. I assume most of Andre's students can see, but Andre has limited sight. But he does have some sight. That is why Andre's emails are large yellow type, so he can see the yellow on black letters on his screen…

So back when Andre used a Windows computer, Steve was kind enough to create a Blind User Interface for SignPuddle, which anyone can change over to, so that for people who cannot see well and have a Windows computer, they can still see the icons and symbols of SignWriting because everything reverses…

I always wanted Andre to get a Macintosh because the Mac has a way to get the entire computer to reverse its screen so Andre can see everything reversed, without us developing a special UI for people who need to reverse their screen on Windows - but we will keep the special UI for others -

So SignWriting isn't any different for Andre than for normally signed people- he just needs special feature of black becomes white and white becomes black - like the old SignWriter DOS screen is -

To access the different User Interfaces (UIs) go to:

or in your own SignPuddle, scroll down and click on this icon:

Val ;-)


On Aug 31, 2012, at 1:02 PM, MARIA GALEA wrote:

Hi -
could you explain briefly how the SW for the blind works? and what is your
work with this Andre'? I've looked into your SignPuddle - and it's the
only one with a blind and sighted version - how can the Blind access SW?

SignWriting List
August 31, 2012

Thank you, Steve, for helping us. I figured that was the case. Restart
your computer and then do not access the Blind icon, but always stay
within the Sighted buttons, so you do not have the screen reversed for
Windows. Now that you are on a Macintosh, you do not need special
programming to see the symbols because of the Mac feature of auto-reverse
of everything on the Mac�

Technically we do not need the Blind buttons any longer, but I could keep
them and make it clear that they are only for Windows, not the Mac...

Thanks Steve!


On Aug 31, 2012, at 9:20 AM, Steve Slevinski wrote:

Hi Andre,

Accessing the blind interface sets a value that inverts the symbol
colors.  This value is set as long as the session is active.  It should
be enough to quit the browser and restart.  If that doesn't work, please
reboot the computer.