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October 9, 2012

Hello Stefan and everyone -
Thank you for this message. Great to hear from you.

I do not understand the marketing aspects of Twitter either, but I know that my friend worked hard at setting this Twitter account up for us, to help us find funding for the ASL Wikipedia Project, so I am grateful for the help.

Everyone is most welcome to post messages about spelling issues any time - Your feedback and questions are always welcome, and are good for all of us, so please feel free, Stefan and everyone, to post your questions or responses to anything that is written…

That a is a good question about this logo and the SignWriting written there, Stefan. Adam Frost designed the logo in SignWriting, based on the English version of the same logo. As you know, the logo is owned by the Wikimedia Foundation, that founded Wikipedia. So their original logo say this…

Go to:

You can see the wording under each language. In English it is "The Free Encyclopedia" and the German is "Die free Enzykloädie". We were asked to provide an ASL translation of that line and create the ASL version of the logo. 

Here is a screen capture:

So, Adam Frost did the artwork and the writing in ASL.

Adam chose to write the W with a square base rather than the circle base…Is that what you are thinking of? Of course feel free to discuss this with everyone - The ASL writers who contribute articles to the ASL Wikipedia will, overtime, need to meet and come to a consensus on some ASL SignSpellings and standards for writing ASL, but at the moment we are just getting started…smile….

I think the ASL Wikipedia Project is an outstanding way for ASL signers to come together to write and communicate how they feel ASL should be written - Thank you to everyone who has contributed articles…

I am so happy to know about your deaf students in Germany, Stefan - What an amazing story for the world - Your students are so successful with both spoken and sign language because of your work and I hope someday you too will have your own German Sign Language Wikipedia ;-)

Val ;-)


On Oct 9, 2012, at 8:06 AM, Stefan Wöhrmann wrote:

Hi Valerie and list –
Would be an intersting idea to send messages with a little typo or different spelling from time to time to get feedback from people who are supposed to to be able to read SignWriting ...
I try to understand the message – written next to the Wiki-logo  does it say “free know Wikipedia”  - in other words “Do you know the Wikipedia SignWriting project is for free”  ...
I followed the link and in both cases there is a typo in  the fingerspelling of “Wikipedia” – perhaps the author wants to fix that – smile?
I am not familiar with Twitter but I understand that this is also a way to promote the idea of the benefits of SignWriting.
All I can say – again and again and again my deaf students take so tremendously advantage from the bilingual documents we create and read day by day. One of my students has got a hard time to read spoken language documents but the same boy iss able to read the “GebaerdenSchrift” documents so fluently that all of us cannot help but smile and laugh. And he is so motivated to catch up with reading spoken language...
All best

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Betreff: ASL Wikipedia has a Twitter account ;-)
SignWriting List
October 9, 2012
Hello SignWriting List!
A friend of mine just gave our new ASL Wikipedia Project a Twitter account…. (big smile ;-)
I am not sure how Twitter can help us, but it looks great!
ASLWikipedia on Twitter
We are trying to raise funds to help pay for software development and hopefully, someday, we might be able to hire ASL writers to be editors and to write lots of articles… This is a US national project. In time we hope to encourage Wikipedias in other sign languages and countries too, of course.
Thank you to all the sign language writers in the world!

Val ;-)
Valerie Sutton

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