SignWriting List
October 9, 2012

Hello Yosra!
Great to hear from you.

The symbols you have attached, as you know, are not used to write SignWriting for everyday use, but for programming an avatar, like your project, they can be useful, to give the computer information about exact location.

The only problem is that the everyday SignWriting will not normally use these symbols, so you will need to place them in specially, into the SignSpellings you are using to program your avatar.

And as you know, Steve and other programmers are no longer using SWML. We have moved on to other methods of programming. So I want very much to help you find the ID codes for these symbols in SWML, but it may take me another day to search old records. I have a deadline of another job today I must finish

I will write tomorrow with the ID codes - I am sorry for the delay -

Thank you for programming using SignWriting -

Val ;-)


On Oct 9, 2012, at 8:10 AM, yosra bouzid wrote:

Hello everybody,
I have a problem in identifying the contact areas at the legs and arms, from an SWML signbox
the limb symbols used in the sign are not enough to determine the exact location of the hand (front, back, outside, inside of the limb)
Can someone help me find the symbol ID of these symbols?