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October 9, 2012

Wonderful, Stefan and thanks for informing us too - both Adam and I are happy to find our typos in the Wikipedia!!

Your description of your student's sign language literacy is really exciting - they are really reading because those are the normal experiences reading any language -

Val ;-)


On Oct 9, 2012, at 11:15 AM, Stefan Wöhrmann wrote:

Hi Valerie,
-          yes I agree – and it is fun to see that many many readers even do not notice this kind of typo because we are aware what term is mentioned and obviously our brain fixes the typos without informing us – smile...and you understand that I do not critizise in a negative way but just share my observation ;-)
What is even more interesting is another observation. Watching my students while they read out with signing what is written in GebaerdenSchrift it happens sometimes that they perform a different sign compared with what is printed in the document. So they simply understand the term/the sign but being more familiar with a different variation of the sign they simply perform that without being aware of that. Know what I try to describe? It is amusing...
Regards Stefan

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October 9, 2012
Hi Adam and everyone!
I want to thank you and all our Wikipedia article writers for writing ASL before we have any spellchecking software - ha!!
Did you know that big-time newspapers like the New York Times and other big newspapers, have mistaken spellings in English in their headlines sometimes? Whole teams of editors are re-reading the articles, but nonetheless, the human brain just memorizes what the word should be, and the details of the spellings can sometimes not even be noticed - So this is a common problem with the writing of every language...
You are doing a great job and it is so much fun to have a Wikipedia in written sign language!
Val ;-)
On Oct 9, 2012, at 11:00 AM, Adam Frost wrote:

HA! How true. The E is even missing in Wikipedia in the SignText. That one mistake seems to still be haunting me. You'd think that I'd learn to not do that anymore, but alas it seems to happen in several other areas of my writing. You just don't seem to notice because I spellcheck my emails constantly. HA!
On Oct 9, 2012, at 10:46 AM, Valerie Sutton wrote:

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October 9, 2012
Ha!! I just noticed something - I pasted in the writing for ASL Wikipedia, and it must have come from an old artwork where the letter E is missing in the spelling - I remember we found that and fixed it and then I pasted in the wrong one! Please forgive the spelling error - My fault. I will have to re-do the artwork in a couple of days - thank you, Stefan and Adam! I appreciate your feedback… Val ;-)