Hi Val,

Do I understand this correctly?

This symbol isn't in the ISWA 2010.

It can be constructed with pieces, but does not exist as a precomposed unit.

Conceptually, it has been replaced with this?

We've discussed adding new handshapes and facial expressions.  It will 
take a few years to identify and add any symbols to the ISWA 2010 
addendum.  Symbols will not be added individually, but in packs.  This 
is the first facial expression I've seen that we might want to consider 
adding to a list of potentials. Not saying we should, only that we 
could.  I know that conceptually, Stefan will probably need additional 
mouth shapes.  Is there estimate on the number of new facial expressions 
that we'll need to consider?

Real life pictures of all facial expressions do not exist.  It would be 
a great project for anyone looking for a way to support SignWriting.