> The first possible solution is to drop category 6.  This solution would
> be fine for everyday regular use.  Would it be enough?

No :(  Just tried it.  Anyway, I'm looking into it, there might be a
workaround, and Graphite might be at fault, not Firefox.

Does ASL use all handshapes?  I know LSU (Uruguayan Sign Language) uses
some 40 hand shapes.  So, if we had a list of the handshape symbols
being actually used by ASL, I could make the font just for those (I'm
thinking about the ASL Wikipedia and about the usage of latin characters
for different languages in different fonts).

I mean to trim the category 1 symbols, the rest would still be there,
although if there are symbols in the other categories you know for sure
that are not (going to be) used ... we could get rid of those too for ASL.