> The reduced fonts should be based on actual usage.  The ASL Dictionary 
> in SignPuddles provides live statistics based on over 10,000 signs using
> the search algorithms of SignWriting Text.

Great, that's exactly what I had in mind.

> Looking at the first  group of hand shapes:
> You can process the data directly from the SPML files, or I can create
> an alternate form of the symbol frequency data.

How do I get the SPML files?

If you're going to create an alternate form, then a simple list of
symbols is ok (I can only trim the font at the symbol level, if a single
fill/rotation combination is in use I have to include the whole 96 glyphs).

> If you can get this working, I'll have to re-implement the original
> Unicode compromise proposal that I dropped in 2011.

Why?  I didn't understand.  The test page I sent to the list already has
a reduced (web) font and it works with the current unicode stream.