Hi Eduardo,

Regarding your first problem, there are 2 possible solutions.

On 12/5/12 9:11 AM, Eduardo Trápani wrote:
> Problems
> --------
> * There seems to be a maximum number of glyphs for a font inside Firefox
> (I've only tested Linux).  For me it was around 32500, and that is not
> enought for a full ISWA graphite font.  I haven't had time to debug that
> yet.  So, building a full ISWA font is possible, but it wouldn't work
> right now.  Also, adding more symbols means adding more classes to the
> graphite program, but that seems to be less of a problem.

The first possible solution is to drop category 6.  This solution would 
be fine for everyday regular use.  Would it be enough?

A second solution can be adapted from Jonathan Duncan's font 
minification.  He was able to reduce the SQLite font from 27 MB to just 
under 10 MB for the SVG Refinement.

I have included information about Jonathan Duncan's font work on the 
ISWA 2010 Font Reference.  Near the bottom, "Derivative ISWA 2010 Fonts".

The main links are on the bottom of his SignWriter Studio download page 
in a fonts section:

This solution requires an additional level of symbol encoding.  Each 
symbol is analyzed for repeating shapes and pieces.  Each symbol is 
described as a 2-dimensional construct of pieces.  The Cartesian 
coordinates used to place the symbols are used to translate the 
coordinates of the individual pieces.

> * Graphite internally only deals with glyphs, so for SW we need a glyph
> for each one of the symbols and their alternate forms (fill and
> rotation) *and* for things like numbers, rotations, fills and the like.
>   Sharing glyphs should work and would save some space but  Graphite does
> not deal with those shared glyphs consistently, so, for now I've decided
> to create a new glyph for each unicode point that needs to be dealt with.

I've heard that Cartesian coordinates are not a basic Graphite concept.  
Makes sense, but we use them everywhere regardless. Thanks for the font 
and graphite analysis.

About the links, number 7 gives me a "403 Forbidden" error.  A screen 
capture would be appreciated too.
> [7]