Hello Everyone!!!
I have a small question, it is related to the position symbols!
Actually I am translating the SW guide written by Parkhurst, and I do thank them for this great book!!!
I noticed many problems when translating this book into arabic for my students in Tunisia:
1-/ I came accross many signs which no longer exist on the signpuddle.
2-/ Adam Frost's book about handshapes is the most up-dated book which helped me understand the changes which were made.
3-/ In Parkhurst book, I had to change many handshapes, and this book is not up-dated.
4-/ I am adding Tunisian signs instead of American signs so that my students might understand better.
5-/ Position symbols in Parkhurst SW guide are telling exactly the opposite of what was answered by Vaerie sutton in the question number 0052 relating to the surface Symbols dating from 5th March 2000 
Please help me choose, which one is correct??? Valerie's or Parkhurst's??? I think I have to change what I learnt before about these position or surface symbols and to correct my whole Tunisian signpuddle!!!!

Blessings and many thanks!!!

Dali - Tunisia